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Enjoy our annual events held in every season where we invite the chefs from around the world to serve you the best ethnic recipes of different cultures.


A New Type Of Festival

This festival is meant for friends and families to come and try traditional cuisines from different countries while enjoying music and entertainment at three different stages.

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only fresh produce

Our festival is keen on providing only organic food to our guests. That is why we pick the best from our farms so that every dish tastes fresh and delicious.


a world class menu

Check out our international menu, where we serve the most loved dishes made from fresh organic produce.

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Make early reservations for your family to enjoy a welcoming beverage severed upon your arrival while you pick our delicacies.



  • healthy food

    5 Healthy Food Choices at a Food Market

    Eating healthy can be a great way of losing weight without even exercising. Getting good nutrition starts when you make smart choices while shopping at the food market. When you have a healthy diet, you naturally enjoy better health, and it reduces the risk of many chronic diseases. A healthy diet is also important when you want to lose weight or gain muscle mass. In this article, we will be talking about five healthy food choices that you should make when you’re at a food market. These tips will help you get all the nutrition that your body needs and eliminate unhealthy diet and eating habits. Always go for foods that are rich in nutrients   You ever eat food, for example, a doughnut, which usually leaves you wanting for more right after you eat? That’s usually because the food has a high amount of calories and low nutrient content. They also have a high amount of fat and sugars, making you feel good only for a short period of time. Once the body drains the excess sugar and blood sugar returns to a normal level, you feel drained and want more of those foods. This cycle of eating more and more unhealthy food is not good for the body as it does not provide any essential nutrients. As such, if you are ever at the food market, make a responsible decision of going for foods that are rich in nutrients. Nutrient-rich foods are not only healthy, but they also keep you satisfied for a longer period. Some examples of such food are whole grains, fruits, beans, and nuts. Choose food that pleases your brain It’s very common to turn to food when you’re bored, stressed, or simply worried over something. This usually happens when your brain’s dopamine level is low, which may cause you to comfort eat. So, the only way that you can avoid this is by choosing food that can actually create dopamine. To create or produce dopamine in your brain, you need to go for food that contains phenylalanine and acid tyrosine. Examples of such foods are fish, poultry, nuts, vegetables, banana, grapes, cheese, oranges, etc. So to avoid overeating, try to go for these foods when you’re at the food market. Limit Salt in your Meal It is no secret that the consumption of salt has several implications on your body. Too much salt in your food can affect your bone and muscles health. Besides that, it can also lead to high blood pressure. According to WHO, you should only consume around 5gms of salt in a day. However, it can be hard to keep track of this quantity when you have other snacks along with your meal. So, one thing you can do to avoid the overconsumption of salt is to use black pepper, basil, coriander, oregano, and other herbs to season your food. This way, you can treat yourself with some snacks and not go overboard with your salt consumption. Go for quality instead of Quantity If your goals to gain abs in the kitchen then one of the best healthy food choices that you can make is to replace quantity with quality. For example, if you’re ever craving some chocolate bars, go for something that has more cocoa content instead of a bigger chocolate bar that has higher sugar content. Both chocolate bars will cost around the same price and also give the same satisfaction. Replace Sugary Treats Consuming too much sugar is never good for your body. You can develop a number of health complications later in life. So, if you’re......

  • Atlanta Food

    Atlanta Food Festivals That Won’t Leave You Hungry

    Atlanta, the capital of the state of Georgia, has a longstanding culture of food, both from the original inhabitants and the European settlers. The city of Atlanta is famous for its variety of food from high-end fine dining restaurants to local food stalls and coffee shops. Many top chefs opened up restaurants in Atlanta, but the people oscillate between these multicuisine restaurants and the more traditional and ethnic restaurants on Bufford Highway. The city is also very famous for its food and beverage festivals, here is a list of Atlanta food festivals that won't leave you hungry.

    Atlanta food and wine festival

    The Atlanta food and wine festival is an annual fair held in spring in Midtown. It started its journey ten years ago in 2010 and has been one of the biggest attractions for foodies from around the world. It focuses on food from the south and runs on different themes which change every year. This festival puts forward the local taste of the south brought to you by the farmers and residents of Atlanta. The guests are warmly greeted, and the food is put across on tables in designated tents for tasting. brunch festival

    Atlanta brunch festival

    Held in the season of March at Atlantic Station, the Atlanta brunch festival is organised by the Atlanta Beer Festival, and it hosts few of the most prestigious chef's restaurants and dishes with decently sized portions which are put out to be tasted. Along with the food, they serve beverages like Bloody Mary, beer, wine and brunch punch. The festival organisers make it a point to keep this event strictly for people over 21 years of age.

    Atlanta ice-cream festival

    The best way to enjoy summers in Atlanta is by visiting the Atlanta ice-cream festival in Piedmont Park, Midtown. This is an annual celebration where people get together to defeat the heat waves by enjoying their favourite flavour of Atlantic ice-cream. The festival was supposed to take place from the 16th to 25th of July 2020, but given the current scenario of the coronavirus outbreak, it is uncertain as to when will the festival be held. The festival will be celebrating ten years of happiness and promised some creamy surprises this year.

    Attack of the killer tomato festival

    tomato festival Attack of the killer tomato festival is held in summers every year in Park Tavern run by chef Ford Fry, a famous personality chef from Atlanta who runs eleven restaurants around the country. Tomatoes produced in the city and around the area exceeded the demand limit, this gave birth to the ATL festival. The tomato plant has been incorporated into every dish and beverage at the festival, which makes it one of the most intriguing celebrations to be a part of....

  • healthy food

    Healthy Foods At A Food Festival

    During festivities, people always cook a lot of delicious and healthy foods. This will inevitably make people eat and drink a lot, which tends to cause gastrointestinal discomfort. And the excessive might even result in gastroenteritis as well as enterogastritis. At this point its always better to pick the healthy foods. Mike from personal training company Right Path Fitness Liverpool Street advises you to try some of the following healthier food chooses at a food festival that are tasty, healthy and delicious.

    1. Brown Rice Porridge

    This is considered the best scavenger to clean your colon. Once it enters into the intestinal tract, it can absorb harmful toxins in the intestines, and then exclude them out of the intestinal tract. What is more, this food also treats constipation. It is abundant in potassium, zinc, magnesium, manganese as well as other trace elements that are conducive to the prevention of cardiovascular illness and anemia.

    2. Fruit Smoothie

    This is really great, aside from being healthy and nutritious. Blending produce into a smoothie preserves fiber at the same time, offering a boost of essential minerals and vitamins needed for the body to thrive and grow. Fruit smoothie or shakes are light, keeping your feeling fresh and clean, giving you the required energy boost. Also, they are good for hydrating the body, which makes you feel happier as well as boosts the feeling of being full for a few hours, which stops you from craving for snacks as well as junk.

    3. Vegetable Pizza

    Veggie pizza has toppings with an essential nutrient that promotes better health. The primary ingredient of this pizza sauce is tomato and has lycopene, a powerful antioxidant. Also, it contains protein, calcium, as well as a vitamin. Another vital source of nutrients is the dough that has some antioxidants because of the chemical reactions of the yeast. This is easy to do if you want to make one for yourself.

    4. Yogurt

    Yogurt is abundant in protein; many kinds of essential vitamins as well as minerals. What is more, the lactic acid bacteria contained in this food is able to generate Vitamin B group that not just boost the digestive function, reduce cholesterol as well as boost immune functions, but also get rid of the diarrhea reaction after drinking milk. Thus, yogurt is a good drink for the fitness of your body as well as the beauty of the skin. On the other hand, it is not right to drink yogurt with an empty stomach.

    5. Sweet Sour Plum Juice

    Sweet, sour plum juice is a type of good drink in a summer festival that can ease the heat as well as quench the thirst. However, during a festival like Spring, it is also a good choice to drink sweet, sour plum juice that helps promote healthy digestion and refresh the mind. This doesn’t just contain a lot of trace elements, amino acids, dietary fiber as well as other essential nutrients that are beneficial to human health but also can efficiently ease the physical discomfort caused by the dry air or air conditioning.

    Food Festivals are celebrated all over the world. Here, you can find many types of foods. But, ensure to choose the healthiest ones.


  • Drink

    Healthy Smoothie Recipes That Are Actually Good

    A smoothie is any form of a fruit-based drink where the core ingredient, the fruit is mashed into a smooth granulated pulp, hence the name smoothie. In general, smoothies tend to thicker than regular juices or milkshakes and they can be made out of anything from fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, dry fruits or nuts. The idea is to create a thick drink which is rich in taste and does not make compromises on nutrients by diluting the mix in water or milk. Although there are some improvised versions of something where people add milk to balance the taste, they even add ice-cream or crushed ice in order to cool down the drink and make it even thicker. Smoothies are popular around the world and different cultures have different ways of preparing it, for example in the Indian subcontinent and parts of central Asia, people consume 'sharbat' which is generally made out of fresh fruit. The Arabs have been consuming grape pulp juices since the dawn of time and in India, a local drink which goes by the name of 'Lassi' is prepared in most households. Lassi is made by churning yoghurt until it turns into a thick smoothie-like consistency by adding cold water or ice, they flavour it using fresh fruits like mangoes, strawberries, pineapples or any other seasonal fruit. Here are some healthy smoothie recipes that are actually good.

    Love your greens

    Green smoothies have become quite popular these days and they are made by balancing fruits and vegetable in a perfect mix. Throw in some bananas, kiwi, and spinach in a blender, you can add some honey or jaggery if you are a sweet tooth and blend away. Give it a taste and you are good to go. You can try other variations of this recipe by substituting the ingredients in accurate ratios. Remember that your veggies have very strong flavours and they might overpower the taste of the fruit so decide accordingly. You can go for a mix of bottle gourd with papaya and watermelon or raspberries and apple with kale.

    Sweet and fruity

    Sweet and fruity Everyone loves fruits and combining them with sweeteners is a great choice for any smoothie. To begin with, you need to understand that a good smoothie is all about balancing the taste with the texture. You need to achieve a decently sweet taste but that should be secondary, the primary ingredient is the fruit, so make sure that it does not get carried away by the other stuff you are putting in. You can go for an avocado smoothie and match it up with some black currant ice cream or you can opt for a banana smoothie and pair it up with vanilla ice cream and green cardamom....

  • Recipes

    Proven Secrets to Creating Contest-Winning Recipes

    Are you one of those who finds cooking to be a joyful activity and feel that your recipes could make it into one of the famous cookbooks or contests, then this article is for you. Cooking is something that we as humans have been doing since time immemorial; it is said that after the early humans discovered fire and started cooking their food, our minds went through a process of cognitive expansion which made us the smart humans we are today. Food plays a critical role in our lives, and it is something which defines our culture and forms traditions, bringing people closer to one another. It is something which reminds us of home, fills us with nostalgia and triggers all our senses of sight, smell, sound, touch and taste. Some find the activity of making food to be tedious and monotonous, they rely heavily on restaurants, takeaways and more often on street food. It takes a lot of persistence and hard work to master the art of cooking; this world is so vast with so many cuisines and cooking styles to discover that it would take forever to know about all of them. Let us look at some proven secrets to creating contest-winning recipes. food

    Food is a scientific art form.

    Making food involves a lot of rigorous methods, cooking items of different density and textures in various temperatures and time periods. You need to understand the physical properties of each grain, spice, liquid and meat to know how do they cook, what is the best temperature to cook them, what are the chemical reactions which take place when you mix two different food items. A good chef will always know what to do in times of an emergency; if you are familiar with food science, you will know the best substitutes for things you don't have, and you will have the powers to revive a lousy tasting dish.

    Experiment, innovate and improvise

    innovate You can’t be cooking the same thing over and over again, make it a point to try out new recipes, explore different cuisines and experiment with a different kind ok cooking method. If you are great at grilling, try your hand at baking or try to fuse different styles, for example, you can improvise and explore baking in a tandoor. You must know who your audience is and bring out different sets of flavour spectrums to amaze their taste buds. Look at the recipes which won the previous years, learn from them and customize something completely new. Please do not go overboard with flavours to impress the judges, the beauty of a dish lies in its subtlety and as we all know, simplicity id the ultimate sophistication....