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5 Healthy Food Choices at a Food Market

Eating healthy can be a great way of losing weight without even exercising. Getting good nutrition starts when you make smart choices while shopping at the food market. When you have a healthy diet, you naturally enjoy better health, and it reduces the risk of many chronic diseases. A healthy diet is also important when you want to lose weight or gain muscle mass.

In this article, we will be talking about five healthy food choices that you should make when you’re at a food market. These tips will help you get all the nutrition that your body needs and eliminate unhealthy diet and eating habits.

Always go for foods that are rich in nutrients


You ever eat food, for example, a doughnut, which usually leaves you wanting for more right after you eat? That’s usually because the food has a high amount of calories and low nutrient content. They also have a high amount of fat and sugars, making you feel good only for a short period of time. Once the body drains the excess sugar and blood sugar returns to a normal level, you feel drained and want more of those foods.

This cycle of eating more and more unhealthy food is not good for the body as it does not provide any essential nutrients. As such, if you are ever at the food market, make a responsible decision of going for foods that are rich in nutrients. Nutrient-rich foods are not only healthy, but they also keep you satisfied for a longer period. Some examples of such food are whole grains, fruits, beans, and nuts.

Choose food that pleases your brain

It’s very common to turn to food when you’re bored, stressed, or simply worried over something. This usually happens when your brain’s dopamine level is low, which may cause you to comfort eat. So, the only way that you can avoid this is by choosing food that can actually create dopamine.

To create or produce dopamine in your brain, you need to go for food that contains phenylalanine and acid tyrosine. Examples of such foods are fish, poultry, nuts, vegetables, banana, grapes, cheese, oranges, etc. So to avoid overeating, try to go for these foods when you’re at the food market.

Limit Salt in your Meal

It is no secret that the consumption of salt has several implications on your body. Too much salt in your food can affect your bone and muscles health. Besides that, it can also lead to high blood pressure. According to WHO, you should only consume around 5gms of salt in a day. However, it can be hard to keep track of this quantity when you have other snacks along with your meal.

So, one thing you can do to avoid the overconsumption of salt is to use black pepper, basil, coriander, oregano, and other herbs to season your food. This way, you can treat yourself with some snacks and not go overboard with your salt consumption.

Go for quality instead of Quantity

If your goals to gain abs in the kitchen then one of the best healthy food choices that you can make is to replace quantity with quality. For example, if you’re ever craving some chocolate bars, go for something that has more cocoa content instead of a bigger chocolate bar that has higher sugar content. Both chocolate bars will cost around the same price and also give the same satisfaction.

Replace Sugary Treats

Consuming too much sugar is never good for your body. You can develop a number of health complications later in life. So, if you’re someone who is addicted to sugary treats, it’s time you replace them with something healthier. Make a habit of reading the labels to find out how much sugar a candy contains. If you find something with around 5gm of sugar per 100g, try to go for that. You can also try replacing sugary desserts with fresh-cut fruits such as apples, grapes, etc.