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Proven Secrets to Creating Contest-Winning Recipes

Are you one of those who finds cooking to be a joyful activity and feel that your recipes could make it into one of the famous cookbooks or contests, then this article is for you. Cooking is something that we as humans have been doing since time immemorial; it is said that after the early humans discovered fire and started cooking their food, our minds went through a process of cognitive expansion which made us the smart humans we are today. Food plays a critical role in our lives, and it is something which defines our culture and forms traditions, bringing people closer to one another. It is something which reminds us of home, fills us with nostalgia and triggers all our senses of sight, smell, sound, touch and taste. Some find the activity of making food to be tedious and monotonous, they rely heavily on restaurants, takeaways and more often on street food. It takes a lot of persistence and hard work to master the art of cooking; this world is so vast with so many cuisines and cooking styles to discover that it would take forever to know about all of them. Let us look at some proven secrets to creating contest-winning recipes.


Food is a scientific art form.

Making food involves a lot of rigorous methods, cooking items of different density and textures in various temperatures and time periods. You need to understand the physical properties of each grain, spice, liquid and meat to know how do they cook, what is the best temperature to cook them, what are the chemical reactions which take place when you mix two different food items. A good chef will always know what to do in times of an emergency; if you are familiar with food science, you will know the best substitutes for things you don’t have, and you will have the powers to revive a lousy tasting dish.

Experiment, innovate and improvise


You can’t be cooking the same thing over and over again, make it a point to try out new recipes, explore different cuisines and experiment with a different kind ok cooking method. If you are great at grilling, try your hand at baking or try to fuse different styles, for example, you can improvise and explore baking in a tandoor. You must know who your audience is and bring out different sets of flavour spectrums to amaze their taste buds. Look at the recipes which won the previous years, learn from them and customize something completely new. Please do not go overboard with flavours to impress the judges, the beauty of a dish lies in its subtlety and as we all know, simplicity id the ultimate sophistication.