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Smoothie Recipes


Healthy Smoothie Recipes That Are Actually Good

A smoothie is a form of a fruit-based drink where the core ingredient, the fruit is mashed into a smooth granulated pulp, hence the name smoothie. In general, smoothies tend to thicker than regular juices or milkshakes and they can be made out of anything from fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, dry fruits or nuts. The idea is to create a thick drink which is rich in taste and does not make compromises on nutrients by diluting the mix in water or milk. Personal Trainer Keith From Right Path Fitness London say Although there are some improvised healthy versions of something where people add milk to balance the taste, they even add ice-cream or crushed ice in order to cool down the drink and make it even thicker. Smoothies are popular around the world and different cultures have different ways of preparing it, for example in the Indian subcontinent and parts of central Asia, people consume ‘sharbat’ which is generally made out of fresh fruit. The Arabs have been consuming grape pulp juices since the dawn of time and in India, a local drink which goes by the name of ‘Lassi’ is prepared in most households. Lassi is made by churning yoghurt until it turns into a thick smoothie-like consistency by adding cold water or ice, they flavour it using fresh fruits like mangoes, strawberries, pineapples or any other seasonal fruit. Here are some healthy smoothie recipes that are actually good.

Love your greens

Green smoothies have become quite popular these days and they are made by balancing fruits and vegetable in a perfect mix. Throw in some bananas, kiwi, and spinach in a blender, you can add some honey or jaggery if you are a sweet tooth and blend away. Give it a taste and you are good to go. You can try other variations of this recipe by substituting the ingredients in accurate ratios. Remember that your veggies have very strong flavours and they might overpower the taste of the fruit so decide accordingly. You can go for a mix of bottle gourd with papaya and watermelon or raspberries and apple with kale.

Sweet and fruity

Sweet and fruity

Everyone loves fruits and combining them with sweeteners is a great choice for any smoothie. To begin with, you need to understand that a good smoothie is all about balancing the taste with the texture. You need to achieve a decently sweet taste but that should be secondary, the primary ingredient is the fruit, so make sure that it does not get carried away by the other stuff you are putting in. You can go for an avocado smoothie and match it up with some black currant ice cream or you can opt for a banana smoothie and pair it up with vanilla ice cream and green cardamom.